Monday, January 10, 2011

First Finish for 2011. Crazy Nines.

This is the result of my AADD. I started some crazy quilt blocks way back when. Then realized I would never finish that undertaking when I started the embellishments. It wasn't going to big enough for any real use either and I wan't loving it enough to finish it as a wall hanging. I had some scrappy 9 patches that I never liked but couldn't bring myself to throw out. So I did a Bonnie K Hunter at Quiltville thing and put them together. I took them with me as a top without boarders to Bonnnie’s for our 4th of July weekend 2008. She pulled the boarders from her stash (as a birthday present to me) and I sewed them on that weekend. Thank you Bonnie! Life got in the way of the finish but it is now done. Kim used it yesterday on the couch to snuggle under, my baby girl has a cold and doesn't feel very well. The sad thing about this one is: It isn't my oldest ufo.

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