Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September is National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month. What are you sewing on? Bonnie at Quiltville.com asked on her blog on Sunday who wanted to join her this month in committing to doing some hand sewing an hour a day. I was all in right from the get go. Then she asked those of us wanting to do it to post pictures. so here they are.
She wanted to know what we are working on, where we sewed, and anything else we wanted to share like the music or whatever we do while stitching. .Here is mine. I started this one in 2007 and worked on it during the 4th of July when Bonnie came over to sew. I call it The Queen and I. Dedicated to a wonderful sewing friend in Ca.
90 inches to go and the border will be finished
 The chair is so comfortable . Yes I took the doors off the closet
no callous at the moment, this after 1 hr. 


Bonnie K Hunter said...

Yay you posted! Your siamese kitties are getting so big...and my finger is poked up too after 3 nights -- that's why it's only an hour a day to give it time to heal!

Hope to see you Sunday!


Charlotte said...

Can't wait to see you Sunday too. Sammy is so big and is the one on the Quilt. I have 50 inches to go now.