Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here is one of the reasons I get up every morning, Her name is Avory, she is 10 months old. Not walking yet. She has a big sister that just turned 2 in May. I was in my quilting habitat piecing when they came over and of course Avory wanted her Nana, she reached for some fabric, it is in her right hand and that is a ruler in her left. Both wound up in her mouth.

I haven't posted for several weeks, My 4th of July weekend at Quiltville was wonderful. Here is a picture of Bonnie hard at work on one of her customer's quilts. She posed for this one but I really wanted to get one of her working. She quilted 3 quilts for that customer that weekend.
I love her DJ behind her. She has more talent in her pinkie than I will every have in my whole body. She is too generous with her talent and fabric. She picked boarders from her stash for 2 of my quilts. Insisted it was my birthday presents. I have since gotten them basted and ready for quilting. I really had a wonderful quilting retreat. They, Bonnie and her husband, Dave taught my husband Jerry and I a card game that is really fun. It is called hand and foot. Oh Bonnie, I was sorry for the scorch on your ironing board.Then you posted that is was a new one and I really felt bad. You are a trooper. Thanks for not making me pack up my stuff and head back to Columbia. Instead she hands me a sharpie and ask me to sign it. I took a picture of it too but haven't loaded it on my computer. You my see the autographed ironing board cover on Bonnie's blog. She has also posted about the great fun at Prissy Polly's BBQ.
Time for bed. PS I did have my 52 birthday this week. The Birthday Block swap that I am in is another whole post. I am waiting for a few more blocks to come in.

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