Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Wrap up

The month is over, I have made such progress on my quilting projects. I finished a baby quilt that I started in the spring of 2001, I hand quilted it. My early stitches were so big and uneven. my finishing stitches look pretty good. I am getting the hang of this hand quilting stuff. I also finished several tops to the basted stage. Pictures are in my earlier posts.

I started the month off at Quiltville for the July 4th holiday. Believe it or not I haven't pieced a thing since returning home. I have been busy quilting by hand and machine, and basting up a storm. My friend, Dawn and I got 3 of my bigger projects basted one Saturday. I have finished the machine quilting on my stained glass hearts and will have the binding finished if it kills me by August 1, That is tomorrow.

I also had a birthday this month. Birthdays sure have a way of making you take stock of your life. I know many have done what I did this month. I took a look at all my stash, yarn included and realized that I have enough to stay busy without buying anything for a long while. I do mean any thing. Not thread, batting, fabric or even patterns, thanks to Bonnie Hunter @ Quiltville and a big supply of quilting magazines and books plus all my internet friends that are so gracious to share free patterns and inspiration on Stashbusters, Quilt talk and Marcia Hohn at Quilter's Cache, my E Q and block base oh my I could go on forever naming. I sound like I am practicing for an award.
I ran across a phrase that came out of the depression. "use it up, wear it out, make it do , or do without" Eleanor Burns put it in her new book Victory Quilts 1940's Sampler Quilts. I have decided to try to live that motto for a while at least until I can see some floor space in a few closets and shelf space in the bookcase that I have yardage and yarn in. I don't want to try to keep track of what is used. I want to measure it by all the things made.
OK so now that I have board everyone to tears I will say Good night and I hope to post some pics in the very near future


Candace said...

Happy belated birthday. I can use some of Eleanor's advice also. I don't have a large stash, but I could still hone it down.

Julie said...

I Googled and found you! LOL I have been to your blog before - good to see you again. And your post was not boring! LOL