Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day is over

Good morning to all, We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, with all the trimmings and a Little hand quilting thrown in too. It doesn't get better than that.

Forgive me for not posting in such a long time. Life just seemed to swallow up all my extra time. Grand baby's Birthday party. Then a Cancer scare with my grand children's mother, All came out wonderful. No other cancer, the surgery got it all. My daughter and I took turns caring for the grandchildren ages 27 months and 1 year. Then son cut a finger at work requiring stitches and not using it to lift. Two babies to take care of. That healed nice and he has all the feeling and function back. Then he broke 2 bones in his right hand and was casted. There again 2 babies to help take care of. A few health issues with me. All will be ok. I did have two weekends of personal time. The first one was in October, The Dear Jane South East retreat held in GA. Bonnie was there. We had a wonderful, productive weekend. The following weekend I was in Ashville for the Southeastern Area Fiber Fair. I bought some yummy purple super wash wool and started spinning it that very night. It will be a short scarf when I finish the spinning, plying and knitting. Don't hold your breath until I am done. We went to Tampa Florida for a week to visit my older sister got back home and had new floors done in our house. Needless to say with all that and probably more that I have forgotten I have not been in my sewing room much. I have just mended a few pairs of scrub pants.

I hosted Thanksgiving at my home yesterday. My Daughter, Kimberly, her Boyfriend, Jason, his Parents, Bonnie and Dave, and me and my husband. My son his girlfriend and the grand babies were in New York with her side of the family. They will be with me for Christmas.

Bonnie made her family's favorite yams and boy are they good. During the down times we sat and hand quilted. She and I were both good, we didn't stuff ourselves silly. Dave and Kimberly ran in the 8K turkey trot race yesterday. It was pretty cold around 40 that early in the morning. I think it started at 9. Bonnie and I are going to work toward the 3k walk next year. We didn't know they had one. I can't run.

Bonnie brought back our yellow, blue, neutral Carolina Crossroads. I have to do the binding and then we will give it to our children for their house warming quilt. I think it is great that they are getting a quilt that was designed by Bonnie, Jason's mother and sewn by me, Kim's mother and quilted by Bonnie. We will both put pictures up when the binding is done. I plan to get the sewing machine part done this weekend and the hand stitching started. Since I cleaned all week and yesterday I won't have much to do in the house this weekend. I can have my own private little retreat.

I still have to put the boarders on my Orange crush and finish step 2 of Tobacco Road.

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