Friday, August 1, 2008

The Office is shaping up

This is the back wall of my office.

The office is shaping up. It is getting a feel of what I am about. My director told me today that it looked like home. That was a big compliment. I get a lot of work done every day because I love being in my office. He even said I could hang a larger quilt on one of the hall walls. I told him it would be sometime before I would have one that big to hang. I pointed out that there is an old rod that one of the window shade type maps go on, that is without it's map. I guess they don't plan on having it repaired. The rod is still there and I have been eyeing it for a larger quilt. Maybe a memorial quilt for the Hospice patients. Just a thought.

I put the stained glass hearts up and I took a picture. Several visitors have asked me where I got the pattern. The outline of the heart and the breaks in the heart came from a book by Better Homes and Gardens it is called Grandma's Best Full Size Quilt Blocks published in 2002. Page 117. The block was supposed to be a tile block from 1890 -1920 time period of quilting. I felt that I wouldn't be able to get the space between the pieces even so the idea of using black bias as lead and make it stain glass looking came to mind. I used mostly batiks but there are some blenders and funky dyed stuff in there too. I really love it. I don't like the way the binding was after washing. I don't know if it wasn't square or even prior to washing but it is a little wonky. I will one day take the top binding off even it up again and rebind. I did everything the hard way on those blocks. I made the bias. Hand appliqued it in place. The next one I make I am going to use the already made stuff from the fabric store and sew it down on the machine with my double needle. I used a medium loft poly bat that I got from Bonnie that was given to her to use in charity quilts. I quilted on each side of the lead using my zipper foot or foot # 4 on my Bernina. I wanted the hearts to pop. They really do. I have had several co-workers to offer to buy it from me.

The plant in the office was a birthday present from my daughter, Kimberly. The florist didn't put a stick in it to tell me what it is. They just told her to tell me to water it once a week well and it liked indoor or low light well enough. If anyone knows what it is please let me know. The picture was a gift from a grandmother of one of the babies I took care of when I worked in the NICU. It is a print of one of her earlier water colors I think it is dated 76.She signed it Especially for Charlotte, under her signature. Her name is Elizabeth Carter. This print reminds me of my children when they were that age. I used to have it hanging in my den. I had the walls painted and just never got it put back up. So now I am enjoying it once again.



Candace said...

It looks very cozy and comforting, not to mention colorful.

Mishka said...


Your stained glass hearts turned out beautiful!


Anonymous said...
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Bonnie said...

Charlotte,it DOES look like home! The next time I'm through Columbia I'll have to stop by and SEE your office! The quilts are wonderful!

And please leave Holly's nasty comments where they's not worth the effort it takes to delete them, it shows her true character.

How Sad.


Debi said...

Beautiful stained glass quilt, it would brighten up every office. I would like to invite you to participate in my fall quilters blog giveaway. Please check out for details.

Karen said...

Love the stained glass hearts.