Sunday, April 26, 2009

When am I ever going to learn?

When? That is my question to myself. I joined Twitter, and Facebook this last week. I haven't made time to keep my blog up to date in months. Do I really think that I will be any better at twittering or facebooking. Twitter and Facebook are a little faster to jot a note off to someone. My blog is mostly for myself. Yet I know there are people who will stumble upon it so I can't just use it like a diary. My older sister will look at my blog but I have no hopes of her joining Facebook.

I have finished the pieced part of the Orange crush borders, In my case it has to be called Strawberry lime. I would have gotten them sewn on today but I baby sat my two cute grand girls. Almost 3 and 19 months old. I love them dearly but they sure wear this 52 yo out. Maybe I can get the borders on tomorrow. I think I'll go cut the strips that make the pieced section match the center. If I have my math right I have to cut them 1.5 inches. That small of a border scares me. Some times you just have to trust and jump.

Did you notice the boo boo in the blue and yellow. It is now turned right. I should have a picture soon of the completed center. It is done I just have to get the right light to snap a pic. I have to go shopping ( Oh Darn ) for the right blue for the border. I am toying with some applique ideas. I don't think a pieced border would add to it.

Hug someone you love and goodnight.

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AmyCT said...

Hello Charlotte,
I was googling quilt shops in Columbia, and came across your blog. We are planning to move to Columbia soon ( within 1 year, if our house sells) and I do not see many fabric shops in that area. '
I do order many fabrics online but also like to shop in person.
Are there shops that are hidden from the internet?
And do you belong to any of the guilds?