Sunday, August 8, 2010

We took the grandchildren back home yesterday. I missed them the minute we shut the doors of our car to head back. Actually we took them to the half way meet point. Their visit was a prayer answered. Our 5 weeks went by in a blur. Our next visit time is Thanksgiving weekend, that is if their mom and new dad make the trip here otherwise we will have them a week after Christmas. They made it home safe as did the 4 of us. They were such good travlers at least for the first half. We had videos, songs, coloring, munchies, and lots of laughs. It broke my heart to see them crying when we left. I cried only after we were out of their eye sight. It wouldn't do to let them see their Nana and Daddy crying. It is supposed to be a good thing to go back home. I am sure they were fine and I pray they had a great trip the rest of the way.

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