Friday, June 13, 2008

I have a finish!

I have a finish, Charlotte's Red Fern Baskets is on the wall.

It has been too long since I wrote. Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog and commented. I am going to post a pic of the basket wall hanging. I promise this will be the last one. . See how blah my walls are. It makes me smile each time I see it. The binding up close has some flaws but for never having done anything like this type before, I can live with it.

I have to work tomorrow. So unless I can get finished early no sewing for me this weekend. I am on call and they were short handed so I have 4 visits to make. I can't complain too much because the last few times I have been on call I have sewn all day.

Last Saturday my friend Dawn and I got together for a few hours to sew some. We wound up going to Lexington to the LQS called Patches and Pieces. She was hoping to find a piece for a boarder. They have an old trunk against the wall with scraps and strings. 1 small bag (you fill) for $1.00, a large quart size baggie (you fill) for $2.00. After my recent string quilt my string container looked like it had been on a major diet and most of the strings left in it were tired. Tired because they were in both of my string quilts. Anyway I got a lot of good chunks and strings stuffed in that bag for $2.00. I came home and a lot of them once ironed and measured went right into my sorted size strip containers. 2inch, 2.5 inch. My cat, Garfunkel thanked me for the new supply too. He had stopped sleeping in the string bin. I guess it wasn't comfortable anymore. Guess where he is now? In the bin.

I haven't worked on my border for Strawberry Limeade AKA Orange Crush. I am going to put a plain border on. One small black and then a big pink. Bonnie's little print out from the EQ design had plain borders and I liked it too. Don't hold me to that plan, I love making those little half four patch blocks.

I was bad last week and started cutting fabric for another quilt. It is in the Fons & Porter May/June 2006. Called stepping stones page 68. I am doing it in blues and yellows. I played with the colors in EQ the other night and I believe I will like it. But I am going to turn the 4 patch blocks the other way with the light going on the diagonal. Then it will have 2 roads. That block is usually called Road to something. So I will have Blue roads and Yellow roads in my quilt and In EQ I loved the way it looked on point. Bonnie's influence sure has rubbed off on me. And to tell the truth since I did both of Bonnie's mysteries I am no longer afraid of doing an on point setting. Thank you Bonnie. I also tried one of her size 11 Roxanne needles. She gave me one while I was at her house the other weekend. She is so right it doesn't bend as easy as some of the others and the eye is easy enough to thread without a needle threader. I picked up a container of them today. I have to say for something so unglamorous as needles the company sure knows how to market them. The container had a little shell on top and the card in the little plastic envelope was gold embossed. Such little things like that I can appreciate.


Lurline's Place said...

Charlotte - your little red baskets are gorgeous!
Best wishes - Lurline.

CLU said...

It looks great! I like that you left the edges like you did, and didn't fill in the "space" with extra blocks. Good goin'!