Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's in a name?

What's in a name so many have asked. In my case it was a good size piece of material that I just couldn't throw away and the label was attached so securely that I would have ruined the fabric trying to get it off. So I used it. I think it is sort of cute. You can see how big that triangle of fabric was and that is after trimming the block.
My Saturday on call wasn't half bad. I was near a Joanne's after my last patient so of course I stopped in. They made me spend $56.00 I had not planned on spending. Not on fabric either. I needed to go to the bathroom and asked where it was in this particular store, I don't go to this one often it is located on the other side of town from me. Anyway they told me they didn't have one for the public to use and I would have to go down to Big Lots. Which is what I did and where I got into trouble. I bought the cutest yard swimming pool sprinkler fun park for my sweet Grand babies. I also found a baby monitor so now I don't have to have them bring theirs with them when they stay at Nana's house. Oh and a pocket Elmo bib and some lady bug dishes and cups. I can't wait till they are here again. I did go back to Joanne's. I found a couple of shirting's that was on sale. The big sale starts tomorrow. We will be with family tomorrow celebrating Father's day but the sale is all week. The flyer looked interesting. I don't think I will go back this week. As I was walking the dog a little while ago it hit me just how short some of our lives may be. You see my next door neighbor passed away early Sunday morning. It took the whole family by surprise and as you may guess they didn't contact all the neighbors. She had been diagnosed with Cancer just a couple of weeks ago then she had a stroke the very next week and was then placed in a hospice facility. I believe she was 72. She loved all the kids on the street and the ones that visited the mall carousel. And speaking of all the kids on our street , I have observed 2 moving trucks moving 2 of the older ones out of their parent's houses. They both graduated college in may and I guess have now gone on to their jobs and new places to live. They do grow up. Any way I had the thought that I really should use up my stash I have cause I don't want my quilty friends fighting over it. LOL. More likely it would go to free cycle cause no one would want it. I still have hopes that Kimberly my daughter will learn to quilt one day. No I am not holding my breath.


Lurline's Place said...

Yes ... life passes us by so quickly, doesn't it?
Funny how shops MAKE you spend money - a big problem of mine, too.
Best wishes - Lurline.

Bonnie said...

I love the label in there!! That is a DARLING idea!! Why not? :cD I think it adds a lot of interest to the quilt and definitely makes a statement for "recycle me!"