Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Need a little help from my friends.

I need a little help. In a very senior moment the other day I could and still can't remember the name of this flowering plant. This is a close up of the flowers. Anyway a complete stranger stopped and asked what the name of it was and I told him the first name that came in my head. And right now I can't spell it so would someone please help me.

On another subject Quilting. I didn't know about Bonnie's challenge to finish a ufo until I read her blog on Sunday. Well, All you Quiltville addicts me included. Here are the two things I am going to work on. I have had those hearts on that wall for way too long. And the other blocks are random 9 patches that I had made way back when and didn't like them so some bright idea came into my head to border them in black and I then couldn't figure out how to set them. I have 10 of those made and the other blocks were my first attempt at a crazy patch. So I put them together in a crazy thought last night. I am going to trim them all down a little to fit. Even if I don't use that one for anything but a picnic on the grass with the grand babies, That will be 20 blocks out of my orphan drawer.

I don't know how this popped in here but this is the one I have been playing with. I loved the blue and yellow CC I made so I decided to make another blue and yellow quilt.

I have the borders cut out ready to put on my last string quilt. Oh and I left my OC material at Quiltville the other weekend. Honestly, I hadn't missed it until Bonnie emailed me to get my snail mail address. I am still puzzling over what to do for the borders.
On another note. I guess you guys have figured out that I am having just a bit of a problem getting my photos in a pleasing order on the page. HELP.....

Quilty Dreams,



Mary said...

Wow, you have a lot in progress right now - I love the blue and yellow too.

When I post my photos - I choose to use the large version and to center them in the upload screen. Once they are on the page, I go back and in and add my text - above and below the photos like I want it to appear.

Bobbie Bentneedle said...

The flowers are oleanders. I wasn't sure at first because, although the woody stems and leaves looked just like the ones that line all the freeways in Houston (that I pass every day on the way to the hospital), the flowers looked different. Maybe because I never see them close up - so I googled oleander images, and sure enough, those are oleanders!

As for the pictures, I use Word Press, and a program called "Post2Blog" but sometimes it doesn't behave as I expect, either! Good luck.

Bonnie said...

I love the 9 patches with the crazy blocks! GREAT IDEA!!! If you can't figure out what to do with it, it can be another cutie for your office :c) I love how your basket quilt came out too. Great setting!! Are you going to do the table runner thing too?


Candace said...

Your projects are very interesting, and I think that they will make a lovely quilt. If you use it on the grass with the grandbabies, it will be special, not using something 'not good enough'.

Mary said...

hey, i love the hearts with their black leading around the pieces--where did the pattern come from? Can you supply me with it? it's way beautiful & i'd love to do it. Thanx.

Quayquilter said...

I love the ninepatches and crazy blocks - they look as though meant to go together
Mary in Canterbury UK

Charlotte said...

Mary P. I tried to e-mail you the book I got the heart inspiration from but it bounced. So if you come back to my sight some day I found the inspiration on page 117 in the B&H Garden Book Grandma's Best Full-Size Quilt blocks. It was in the book as a tile quilt. I had been see a lot of stained glass and I had a thought and the results was my Stained Glass Hearts. It is now in the dryer.

Thank you Bobbie for reminding me that my flowers were oleanders that was what I knew them to be but couldn't remember. Senior moment.

Quay quilter The crazy 9's as I am calling them is now a basted top and it really does bring to mind the phrase liberated quilters. Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog.