Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Finshed Top.

Today I finished the top Works in Yellow and Blue. Here is a pic. Someone on one of the quilt sites I follow asked the question last week. Do you have to have a cat to blog about quilts, or something like that. I did not have the wrinkles out of this one until Garfunkle was on it.

I don't think that I have posted a pic of the finished pattern Orange Crush by Bonnie K. Hunter of Mine I call Strawberry Limeaide. here it is. My neighborhood friend and quilting buddy decided the last border choice for me. I was so completely tired of working on it that I just threw the fabrics to her and said pick. I like it but I some how think that the lime or pink on the outside would have been better although I am going to bind it in the pink, lime and aqua strips, So that will liven up the outside.

My wonderful kids gave me this for Mother's day. To the left. It is so pretty and now I don't have my wine on my kitchen counter anymore. I had fun buying extra wine just to put in it. The wine glasses in it are my everyday ones from Kmart, I think. I didn't put my crystal in it cause I was nervous that the grandbabies might sneek in there and play with them. I keep the door closed but you just never know.
Time now for me to go to bed. Hug someone you love, Good night.

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