Sunday, May 31, 2009

Proud Mother

One of my friends said yesterday that she woke up to a misty morning outside and that it reminded her of her daughter named Misti and then she got misty. I wrote back to her that, We as Mothers get misty one minute thinking of our children then in another minute we are proud of them and full of happiness, Or at least that was the gist. I don't have the memory I used to. Here is my proud mother moment, it happened Friday. My son Brian graduated from the SC Department of Corrections Academy.

He and his little girls came over yesterday and we took this picture, Avory is 21 months now, her big sister turned 3 last Sunday. Avory got on the bike without help.

Lily was having fun in the Tupperware cabinet a few weeks ago. She sure was having fun. These girls are the sunshine of my life and I am so proud of the way Brian and Mandy are rearing them.

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