Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Charlotte's Red Fern Baskets

I haven't posted in a couple of days. I have made all the little baskets for my other office wall hanging. 10 total. It will be placed on a column in my office that is 22 inches wide. I just love this look. The only piece I cut that had not been cut for another project was the red. I just couldn't in my own quilting brain cut up fabric for strings to go around the little baskets. I am leaning toward calling it Charlotte's Red fern Baskets. The red looks like it has little black ferns in it. Also my husband, Jerry once lived on a street in Indiana called Red fern. Non of this fabric has been prewashed and all the strings I have ready to sew have been washed. I still can't bring myself to mix the two. Call me too cautious. One day I may be able to throw caution to the wind and just create. I have been plugging away hand quilting the little quilt I made last weekend. I know, I have started 2 things and have not finished 4 yet. But my office is a priority. I will complete the sewing of the rows of my string quilt tonight.
This weekend Dawn and I will be using the conference room tables at work to baste several of our quilts that have been finished for awhile. There are 3 huge conference tables in one room. I will be able to get my king size square in a square basted. She has a braided quilt to baste. I have no idea how I will quilt that size quilt. I have 2 DM neither have a large throat. I could just quilt on the machine what I can and finish the center by hand. I should have thought of this problem before I put the thing together. Then I could have quilted it in 2 pieces. I will just baste the heck out of it so I can start where ever I want.

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Candace said...

Your little baskets are adorable, it should really dress up that column. I like the name too, it has lots of meaning for you.