Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday back to work.

GoodMonday morning, I am happy to report that I was able to get my 15 min of sewing in this am before work, Yippee. I am not an early bird but thanks to a little bird I was up before the clock went off. Woodpecker on the gutters. Helppppp. What should I do? He woke me up Sat. too. That was ok since I wanted to get up early to sew. I went to bed late last night 1:15 am. I took the Mother's day nap that everyone kept telling me too.

The quilt that Kimberly was covered up with in the Mother's day post, was calling my name. I made a little mistake on the batting. I let a friend get me a wool batt when she went to the Maryland Fiber fair a few years ago. Well the batt must be for a comforter. Real fluffy. I started hand quilting with reg. quilting thread and was having problems with my stitches. So I changed to #8 pearl cotton. I am also using the stab/stick method. The rocking motion on that batt just doesn't like me. I also have been nursing a bad tendon in my wrist. With this stitch I don't move my wrist and I can get my stitches even. Since I am using the pearl cotton the quilting is looking like trapunto. Kimberly loves it and so do I.
No I don't live on the beach, a girl can dream can't she? I absolutely love water it centers me and gives me such peace. Anyway this was the sun coming up at Myrtle beach a few years.


Bonnie said...

Hi Charlotte! Woodpeckers? Get a plastic owl from Lowes or Home the garden department! I had to hang one outside my bedroom window here, but it does work to keep the woodpeckers away!

On the quilt...Glad you are working on it, it is a lovely comfy quilt. I find if I have my quilt looser in the hoop, I can move the quilt as well as the needle..manipulating both makes it easier for me to stitch.

I'm so happy you have your blog up finally!

Candace said...

Congratulations on getting in the quilting. Woodpeckers are interesting to see in the trees, but not so much when they are pecking on the house. When we lived in a trailer years ago, there was one who evidently wasn't too smart, as he used to like to peck on our metal siding.
Sounds like you are overcoming any problems with your puffy wool bat, and making a problem an asset.