Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Woody alarm clock has no snooze button.

Good morning, Bonnie suggested I get a fake owl and put near where the wood pecker is serenading me in the am. Yes, again today. The good thing that came out of my woody alarm clock this am, I was able to sew for 45 min on step 4. I will be finished with it before the next clue comes out.
Kimberly and I went to WM last night to get a few things needed for my office. We couldn't find an owl. So I guess I will have to go to Lowes. We then met Jason at Chilie's. Jason is Bonnie's oldest son. I am so lucky to see my daughter happy. They make a cute couple and they act like they enjoy their mom's company. How many mothers can say that?
Have a wonderful Wednesday,

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