Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday evening the start to the weekend.

Good Evening, the weekend is here. I am on call again tomorrow. Hopefully it will be like last Saturday, Quiet quilty day. I recently took an office position and now have a very small office to decorate. I started a little quilt to hang. I am using the type of blocks that I made in part 2 of Orange Crush. Those little blocks are so cute. I have made 36 from the Chocolat line and another bundle of fat quarters from A day in the Country by Fig tree designs. My Ya Ya friend, Donna in Ca. sent them to me a year or so ago for Christmas and Birthday.
There must be something wrong with me. I have trouble cutting into my stash.
She doesn't wash and I do but I chose not to wash this and so I have not cut into this part of my stash until now. This will be a small hanging and I don't plan to have to wash it often. I am to the point of deciding boarders. I arranged the blocks in a sunshine and shadow setting. I tried lots of different settings but I like the sunshine and shadow best. I like it and the blocks are so easy to make using Bonnie's technique that I plan to start a larger one as leaders enders. You can see all of Bonnie's wonderful creations at When I figure out how to get her on my side bar she will be the first.

Update on Mystery 2. Orange Crush from

I have finished all of step 3 and have 7 blocks to sew together for step four then I will be finished with all the steps before the next clue comes out. Oh my did the world just stop turning! I am the worlds slowest at my quilting. I start way more than I finish. I have been trying to finish 2 before starting anything new. That doesn't mean quilting and binding too.


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Candace said...

Your little wall quilt is very cute. Sounds like you are moving along on your OC. I am still on step 2, but I finished 50 blocks today, and another 68, and it will be on to step 3.