Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday was basting day Sunday was Catch up day.

Here's the birthday girl. She is such a fun little girl. She is truly one of the reasons I get up every day. She had a Sponge Bob Cake.

The pictues below are of Dawn's Quilt. Back and Front, she is in the background. She is the one that got me back into quilting so many years ago. She took this pattern from a class she took. I think the book was called French Braid.

To explain the pictures above and below. Sometimes the best made plans fall apart. Well mine sort of did for today. Dawn and I were supposed to use the whole day basting our quits. hers is on the right. mine is at the bottom.Well My 2 year old Grand baby got sick Thursday and her Mom's plans to go to Maryland to visit with her family was cancelled. So My darling son, wanted to go ahead and have her birthday today. Today she turned two.Picture at the top. Yes I wanted to have her a party but had thought we would have it in a couple of weeks. So my basting day was cut very short. And it has started to rain so the lake where they were going to have it is now out of the question. Darling Husband told them they could have it at my house. At least while I was down town basting away on our quilts he was straighting up my house. We were able to get Dawn's completely basted and mine is together enough to continue on my kitchen table when I have nothing else to do. Like that ever happens. To get to play with my fabric I am always neglecting something in the house that should be done. This quilt measures 115 inches by 105 inches. It is for my king bed. Catch up day was today for my April Birthday Block for
the swap I am in at Quiltingboard. I hope she likes it.She wanted primitive. I used plaid homespun, mustard
yellow with dots and tea dyed muslin. Which I did myself.
I will now start cutting for step 5 in the OC mystery. Yeah. Thanks Bonnie.
Have fun doing what you love,


Candace said...

Beautiful quilts, and beautiful baby. I hope she is feeling better. Your king sized bed is going to be a thing of beauty.

Charlotte said...

Candace,You are the sweetest for reading my blog so often. I should have said May block. I am not that far behind. LOL. I will also make this one for my red, black and white quilt that was started as a BOM.